Instructions: Adjusting the ZIPcab shelf support clip

Only ZIPcabs racks and cabinets contain the special patented clip that makes each shelf adjustable!

All of our units are shipped with the ZIPcab shelf support clips in approximate locations.

To move the clips, or if you need to take the ZIPcab clip assembly apart or install the clip set onto the rail, please follow these instructions.

stabilizer, support with machine screw, and spring
ZIPcabs clip: stabilizer, support with machine screw, and spring

Our patented clip assembly consists of:

  • A support piece with Phillips-head machine screw
  • A stabilizer to retain the spring and hold down on top of shelf
  • A spring that forces the support and stabilizer to grip the shelf.



Instructions to Install Clip Sets:

1. Lay unit on its side. Insert stabilizer in the channel, making sure that it is seated firmly in the recess at bottom of the channel and moves freely within the channel.

2. Move the stabilizer to the cutout portion of the channel that is directly under the top shelf or above the bottom shelf.

3. To complete the assembly, hold down on the bottom of stabilizer so that it does not move. Place bottom edge of support clip against the spring and push down to compress the spring enough to seat the support clip inside the stabilizer. Slide the completed assembly onto the rails.

Clip with lips open
Clip with lips open
Place thumb on bottom of clip and fingers on top of clip
Place thumb on bottom of clip and fingers on top of clip
Spring compressor
Spring compressor

How to Use the Spring Compressor:
1. To open the lips between the support and stabilizer using the spring compressor, place your thumb over the label on the spring compressor and place arrow end on top of protruding lip of support clip. With other hand, push on bottom of the stabilizer clip to compress the spring enough to insert spring compressor into opened lips of the assembly.

2. Move clip assembly close to its final location. Tighten screw. Remove the spring compressor, leaving assembly’s lips in open position.

How to Install Shelves:

  1. Lay the unit on its back with top away from you. One end of the shelf has a black dot on it. Insert the shelves into open lips of the clip sets making sure that the end with the black dot is to the right side of the unit and is facing the bottom of the unit.
  2. Using a Phillips head screwdriver, reverse the screw to release pressure on the spring so that the clip assembly grips the shelf. The screw has to be backed off enough to be able to move the shelf to desired location.
  3. Move shelves to desired location. At this point the clip assembly, with the shelves installed, may be moved to final vertical locations.
  4. Move both ends of the shelf at the same time. Push on the clip assembly, not the shelf. See photo above.
  5. Tighten screws on one side of cabinet and adjust shelves horizontally before tightening screws on opposite side.

CAUTION: Do not over-tighten — Do not use power screwdriver!