Hot Sauce Display Cabinets & Racks

customized-sauceWhen it comes to showing off a prized collection of exotic hot sauces or simply organizing condiments, your kitchen cupboards can’t cut the mustard.

We’ll custom-size your new hot sauce rack to fit all your sauce bottles — it’s our specialty! Our patented, adjustable-height shelving system allows you to set different heights depending on your sauce bottles and jars. It is an excellent reason to choose a ZIPcabs Hot Sauce Cabinet, which makes a wonderful gift, too.

  • If you already know exact specifications, enter them on the form below. Or just call us at (206) 439-0338, and our configuration specialist will work with you. After 2 decades of providing customers with just the right size of unit for their needs, we’ve got it down to a science!

  • Your new hot sauce cabinet or rack will be custom-sized to your needs and where it will be placed (on a counter or mounted to a wall or door). Tall, wide, narrow, or small, we make them all!

  • Most units are priced from $70 to $325. You’ll love the quality of workmanship and materials we put into each unit, along with our exclusive, patented, adjustable shelf-height system. As soon as your unit is ready to ship, we’ll be glad to send a photo to your phone.

Customers love the display solutions we come up with to fit their requirements. Some are so tickled they even send us photos (below). Please use these examples to help you meet your needs. We’ve numbered them in case you see one similar to your requirements.

How to Buy

Pre-order your hot sauce rack or cabinet by filling out your specifications in the form below, and we’ll contact you to follow up. (Or call us – Pacific time – 206-439-0338)

Pre-order hot sauce rack or cabinet with ZIPcabs' patented adjustable shelf system

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