About Us

George Bauer, woodworker and inventor of the ZIPcab clip, is a lifelong Seattleite and octogenarian. Here’s the story of how he came to invent the ingenious little clip that makes his oak racks and cabinets adjustable.

As a retired but multi-talented thinker, tinkerer, and hobbyist, George wanted to make a rack for his wife’s spools of thread in her sewing room. She showed him a picture from her sewing magazine, and he got to work and made one for her. He even started making spool racks to sell at Christmas bazaars.

Next, his wife wanted him to build her a spice cabinet. He did so well with this task that she requested he make a display case for her Shawnee salt and pepper collection.

As friends, relatives, and neighbors saw George’s creations for his wife, their requests for other display cabinets started to pour in.

George responded by asking them to make a sketch showing cabinet size, number of shelves, and the required shelf spacing. Nobody did. They couldn’t manage to come up with the dimensions.

The result was what George calls his “AHA moment.” If people were having trouble supplying exact dimensions, then the obvious solution was to develop a method to make shelf spacing completely variable, and to create a basic unit adaptable for a variety of uses.

It took over 3 years but eventually George was able to develop, patent, and manufacture the plastic adjustable shelf supports he calls ZIPcabs.

That was 16 years ago, around the start of the new millennium. George now enjoys building cabinets, curio cases, and racks for collectors of all kinds of items. He’s helped hobbyists display with pride their collections of toys, miniature shoes, bells, shot glasses, salt and pepper shakers, model cars/trains, sports memorabilia, dolls, and more. He’s helped those who just want to get more organized, too: from art and craft supplies to kitchen items (cups, mugs, spices, hot sauces).

Call 206-439-0338 today or fill out a pre-order form for your new ZIPcabs cabinet or rack. And be sure to send us a photo of your collection of goodies in its new showcase!