Spice rack for inside pantry door?

A very nice lady called from Kentucky who had been searching the Internet for a spice rack with a certain depth…. because, as it turns out, she doesn’t have any wall space left in her kitchen! What she does have is the inside of a pantry door that would allow about 5″ of clearance. (It didn’t sound like a very big pantry, so I’m happy to help her maximize her storage space!)

So I’ve started working on a new ZIPcab cabinet for her spices to fit on the inside of that door. I’m hoping she’ll send me a photo when she gets my custom-made cabinet all set up for her spices, and if so, I’ll post it here.

Visit our Spice Cabinets & Racks page to order one for your kitchen or pantry!

Update — here’s the photo:

Pantry-door hanging spice rack
Pantry-door hanging spice rack