All ZIPcabs cabinets & racks have our exclusive adjustable shelf clips

customizedWith the patented clip-zip system in ZIPcabs’ wooden racks and cabinets, you can adjust each shelf’s height at will. Our clip is not sold in stores or anywhere else online!

Welcome to our new mobile-friendly website! Initially, this new site is devoted to the most requested products over the past 16 years: our “In the Kitchen” line.

Our customers love their new ZIPcab racks and cabinets to display, store, and organize.

Click on pictures to see each type of unit:

Spice Rack Cabinet
Spice Racks / Racks for Vitamins & Supplements
Racks for Coffee Cups, Mugs, and Steins
Hot Sauces cabinet
Racks for Hot Sauces and Condiments
We custom-build each unit according to your specifications in Seattle, Washington.

Of course, we also make cabinets/racks for other purposes, too — such as curio cases. Fill yours with whatever you like!

If you aren’t sure of the width and height to order, don’t worry, we’ll walk you through the options. Fill out the form below to get started and you’re on your way to owning a ZIPcabs display!
For display-worthy items no matter how small, our cabinets & racks enhance them all!

Pre-order rack or cabinet with ZIPcabs' patented adjustable shelf system



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