Cabinets, Racks and Curio Cases - made to your specifications
         configured for your items                

                 Design by ZIPcabs gives you choices
  Finally, the perfect way to show your items - no matter what you collect, display or store

 You do the ZIP Adjustable shelf display cabinets -            

 No fixed shelf locations!

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Cabinet, Rack, Curio Case


Rack style - open on top
Curio Case - removable plexiglas front
Curio case
Display cabinet with door
With door

BROWSE: Please look around our site to see how you can order a ZIPcab configured for your space and display requirements


Cup and mug display cabinets, curio cases and racks

Imagine a cup display cabinet
with shelves spaced
for your items!  
largest cup mub display cabinet

adjustable shelf system!

Completely variable! No fixed shelf locations!

Shelves can be moved [zipped] by our customers
to accommodate items of varying heights.

     Hundreds of variations possible       

p to 6 Shelves can be
installed in tallest cup cabinet

Design by ZIPcabs gives you a way to personalize a ZIPcab and have it manufactured and shipped to you from our shop.

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are space saving display cabinets, racks and curio cases that gives you the the flexibility to place the shelves in locations determined by you. 
Shelves are not in fixed positions.  You move shelf and shelf supports to desired locations and then lock in place.

ZIPcabs mug and cup storage & display cabinets, racks and curio cases use our patented shelf support system. 
Shelf supports slide within channels built into the side walls.

Please look at Customers Gallery below for sample configurations.  Many are standard items that may be ordered from the Catalog - 16 sizes      
       These pictures were sent in by our customers to show the final configuration of their cup and mug display cabinets and  racks.     

Hopefully, we have made it easy to choose from the options we offer 
You can order a unit customized for your items without paying a custom price

     One size does not fit all          
- Many or Few? 
Display cabinets - Narrow or wide
Short or tall
We make them all

When you are ready to submit
your request for a quote:

Please go to Quote Form 

OR   Contact Us

We have a catalog of standard items that can assembled to order. While we do have standard
configurations for popular items, most of our production is specifically made to our customers specifications. 

 A unit modified for your requirements follows the same production process as a standard item.
How many sizes do we make? The possibilities are almost endless.
  You make selections for a unit that fits your space and display requirements

Height:  From 14" to 36" in  1/4" increments.
               Widths: 12", 15", 18", 21", 24", 27", and 30"
  3", 4", 5", or 6".
Up to 12 adjustable shelves may be ordered for the tallest (36") unit.

Pictures from satisfied customers showing the final configuration of their ZIPcabs:  
     Click on picture to see larger images                   




nique features of a ZipCab:
 No pre-set shelf spacing

Shelf support assembly is installed
in channel built into the side walls.

Shelves adjustable to any vertical location you choose



              Click on picture to see larger images
Largest Cup & Mug Cabinet Cup and mug cabinet
White melamine back panel
 Specially ordered  extra deep for antique cup and saucers
cup and mug display cabinet
36" high, 30" wide, 4" deep
Standard item

cupo & mug cabinet - melmine bck panel
36" high, 27" wide, 4" deep
Standard item

Cup and saucer display curio case
36" high, 30" wide, 6" deep
Modified to customers requirements
Narrow Cup & Mug
Display Cabinet

Cup & Mug Display
Cabinet is 5" Deep

Baseball Logo Mugs

cups in narrow display cabinet
31" high,12" wide,
4" deep
Standard item

cup mug cabinet
22" high, 27" wide,
   5" deep
Modified to customers requirements
largest cup mub display cabinet
36" high, 30" wide,
  4" deep
Standard item


Curio case style- with Plexiglas front

wine glasses in curio display case
Modified to customers requirements

Modified to customers requirements
Modified to customers requirements

MORE PICTURES: Click on to see larger image

small cup and mug display
Standard item

small display shelf for cups and mugs
Standard item

cup and mug display cabinet
Modified to customers requirements

mug and cup display cabinet
Standard item

cup  mug display ccabinet
Standard item

mug display cabinet
Modified to customers requirements

stacked units for pepsi glasses - display cabinets
Modified to customers requirements

large cup & mug display cabinet
Standard item

Cup and mug display cabinet with plexiglas door

Door with Plexiglas front
28 High 21 wide 5" deep 


Display cabinets, curio cases and storage racks are designed for many types of collections and uses as shown below   
Please visit one or more of the Galleries --
Follow links below to view photos of representative sizes and configurations that we've created for our many satisfied customers


Collectors -
Pages 1 thru 7

Hobbyists -
Pages 8 Thru 10

In The Kitchen -
Pages 11 thru 20

Dolls & Toys -
Pages 21 thru 23

Other -
Pages 24 thru 27

Collectible displays
Ceramic figurines
Collectibles on display
Eggs and more
Action figures
Hallmark Ornaments

Collections curio cabinets
 Salt dishes
Pez Dispensers
Cigarette lighters - Heinekin
Music boxes display

Miniature Figures

Animal house
More miniatures

Miniature shoes

Bell collections
Brass and ceramic bells

Shot glass display cabinets

Salt and pepper shakers
Shakers Galore
Shwanee collection

    Model cars & truck displays
       Plastic models
        Ho scale   

Model train displays
 N gage
   Ho scale

Sports Collectibles
Baseball teams
Harley Miniatures display

Spice cabinets
Wall mounted

Spice racks
Wall mounted

special uses

mounted on doors

above the stove

setting on on the counter

Spice cabinets with doors


Cups and mugs

Hot sauce display cabinets


Doll displays
Kelly Dolls
Troll Dolls

Plush stuffed toys
State quarter bears   
   Beanie babies 
More Bears

  Tommy train engine

Storage units
Bathroom  storage
Rubber Duckys
Gourmet coffee

Artist supplies
Artist paints
Artist Embossing

Multiple unit
Allspice to wine
Owls +

Other uses
Mineral (fossil) display
Spool cabinets
Store Display






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