Featuring adjistable shelf supports - move to any location - turn screw to lock in place


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36" High - 30" wide  - 3" deep
  Patented adjustable shelf system!

   No preset shelf locations!
Shelves can be moved [zipped]
by our customers
to accommodate items of varying heights

     No preset shelf locations
Largest 3" deep Spice Cabinet
 Made in U.S.A. - Cabinets, Racks, shelf, shelkves, and Curio Cases


Large spice cabinet -
crown molding on the top

Large spice cabinet 

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A large spice cabinet may be just be the thing to spice up your kitchen. Large spice cabinets can be for wall hanging,
or can be door mounted.
  Vertical shelf spacing can be fixed by you. This gives you flexibility to efficiently use your space.
        Pictured here is our largest standard spice cabinet - 35 sizes available

Spice up the kitchen with a large spice cabinet! 
Organize all your spices in a Zip Cab
   Spices - Many or Few?
      A cabinet for spices - Large Or Small
               We make them all!

Maximize space and reduce clutter!
Spice cabinets are made of solid oak with oak
plywood back panel. Shelves have facing
boards with lips extending above face of shelf.

SPECIFICATIONS for this large spice cabinet:
 Style: Cabinet
 Frame: Solid Oak
 Back panel: Oak plywood
 Shelves:  The 6 adjustable shelves are not in fixed positions, you can move to any vertical location by sliding supports up
or down in track built into the side walls.
      Tighten screw to lock in place.



  One size does not fit all!
o you need a small,  medium or large spice cabinet?   
If you need a different sized spice unit
please view the following pages:

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