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Wall Mounted  Cabinets, Racks and Curio Cases - made to your specifications
  Configured for your items                

Design by ZIPcabs gives you choices - Hundreds of sizes and uses

Finally, the perfect way to show your items -
no matter what you collect, display or store

 Adjustable shelf display cabinets -       
ZIPcabs makes it possible to effectively  use vertical space
 "Do the ZIP" Move shelves to desired location

Number of shelves can vary
to meet your requirement

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     8 AM to 9 PM PST
We phone verify all orders
to ensure a perfect fit!

wall mounted narrow display cabinet  Small short display cabinet

Wall mounted  rack style cabinet Large wall mounted  display case cabinet
Rack                       Curio case  

Up to 36" tall
In 3" increments
3", to 6"  


                   Narrow or wide           Short or tall                                        
                                   We make them all                       
                    Made in USA                 

  Please look around our site to see how you can have a ZIPcab
configured for your space and display requirements

This web site has many features to explore; basically, it is divided into three areas. 
Look at
standard configurations to see if one might meet your needs
look at customize and then request a quote. 
                               Also Visit the picture gallery - many uses - sample configurations shown
The big four uses  
Spice Racks and Cabinets -  Shot gass displays - hot sauce cabinets- Cup & mug displays - a specialist is  available to help you configure a unit to meet your display and space requirements

Spices, Shot Glasses,   
Hot Sauces, Cups & Mugs
As easy as 1, 2 and 3  
1   Standard Configurations 
Or see:  Featured items - we pay shipping     
We've created product lines for our most popular units, which started out as custom displays.  
Prices for standard items are on these pages:
 spice cabinet or spice rack -- 35 sizes
 shot glass display cabinet -- 42 sizes
 hot sauce cabinet -- 28 sizes

 cup and mug display cabinets -- 16 sizes

Spice up your        
seasonings display!

Spice cabinet - deeper for large bottles

Shot glass display - largest will hold ofer 100 glasses
See your shot glass     
display cabinet shine!

Hot sauce display cabinet - 28 sizes made to order

Fire up your 
hot sauce collection!


Cup, mug and stein display cabinet - We configure to your specifications
Cup & mug display

  Display A to Z
Action Figures, Bears, Curios,  
olls, Engines-H0,  Figurines,
ot Sauces, Miniatures, Mugs,
ubber Duckys, Shot Glasses,
pices, Toys, Trains,
       To:   Z-scale model

  Customize  with options
 Display cabinet style  
 Curio cabinet case style    
 Storage rack style  
 Cabinets with doors         
            Customized units do not cost extra!  
We do realize
one size does not fit all, especially when it comes to collectors' tastes.

We can build a unit the dimensions you require to display a few items or a large
From pre-cut components we assemble cabinets and curio cases into various
sizes and configurations.

        Use quick  form to request quote:

Fill out quote form for a customized display cabinet or curio case to let us know what
your requirements are. All you have to do is select the overall height, depth,
and width
of the unit, and tell us how many shelves you want.

           When we receive your quote request we'll also calculate
           the shipping charges and email you a no-obligation quote.  
   Shipping charge depends on size of the package for all but the smallest units.

 3   Gallery pages from our customers

For collectors and collections - various uses shown - 7  pages         

  Collectibles  Display your collectibles in cabinet or curio case
  Collections  Various configurations for collections of all kinds

  Miniature collectibles units  Display your small animals or other miniatures
  Miniature Shoe display cabinets Ceramic and glass miniature shoes on display

  Bell collections  Miniature glass, brass and ceramic collection displays
 Shot glass displays  You adjust display shelves for regular and tall shooters
  Salt & pepper shaker Configure unit to accommodate small to large collections

For Hobbyist      various uses shown - 3 pages   

  Model cars & trucks  For z to largest scale display units
  Model train  Ho, and larger scale cabinets and curio cases to display your model trains
  Sports Collectible cabinets curio cases
 Configure a cabinet or curio case to your specks

In the Kitchen       various uses shown - 11  pages

Spice cabinets wall mount
More Spice display cabinets

Spice racks Wall mounted
More Spice display racks

 Spice special uses
Spices mounted on doors
Spices above the stove

Spices setting on counter

Spice cabinets with doors  

 Cups, mugs & steins display cabinets  Now you can organize a growing mug collection
 Hot sauce display cabinets
  Show off the labels.  Get a large cabinet for your hot sauces 

Dolls & toys         various uses shown - 3 pages

  Doll cabinets and curio cabinet cases  Various sizes of doll units to met your requirements
  Stuffed toy on display  Bears and other stuffed toys - beanies, pufkins, etc.
  Toy curio cases and cabinets
  Keep the toys in room organized

Other uses           various uses shown - 4 pages      

   Storage and display units    We have sold a cabinet for rubber duckys!
  Artist Supplies storage & display cabinets Some artist have organization
  Multiple display and storage Units Sometimes you want more than one
Other Uses  If you have a need - we can make a unit to your specifications

NEW CATEGORY:  Cabinets with doors                                      
Cabinets WITH DOORS  Various configurations made to order.


  Our customers love their
ZIPcabs so much that they frequently
  send us photos of their collections and displays.  We hope you will, too!
         See stain colors

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